12PCS Sewing Needles Large Eye Self-Threading Embroidery Needle Sewing Hand U4A4

Color :

12PCs dickes großes Auge Nähen selbst-Einfädeln Nadeln Stickerei Handnähen X3E7EUR 1.
039+ sold1Pcs Automatic Needle Threader Thread Guide Elderly Device X3G6 Tool Sewing D7K7EUR 1.
026+ sold12 STÜCKE Nähnadeln Großes Auge Selbsteinfädelnde Stickerei Handnähnadeln G3N1EUR 1.
04+ sold100x Kunststoff Wonder Clips zum Quilten von Stoff Basteln Stricken Nähen X8T1EUR 5.
564+ sold40 Stücke Map Marker Holz Zeichnung Foto Wand Studs Cork Pins Bo Reißzwecke Y8I3EUR 3.
394+ soldMagnet Seam Führer Domestic & Industrial Nähmaschine Singer für Br Y6D5 Fuß D0O8EUR 1.
093+ sold100 Wedding Dress Crafts Round Head Straight Sewing Corsage* Needles Pins Z7T4EUR 1.
782+ sold10/20/50 Pcs Bow Wire Needle Threader Stitch Insertion Machine Tool I9F9 Q0X5EUR 1.
01+ sold50Pcs Assorted Home Sewing Machine Needles Craft For Brother Singer Janome A4I7EUR 2.
591+ sold30 verschiedene einfache Selbst Einfädler Threading nähen Hand Nähnadeln K2Q7EUR 1.
490+ sold12PCS Sewing Needles Large Eye Self-Threading Embroidery Needle Sewing Hand U4A4EUR 1.
00+ soldMultifunktionswerkzeuge für Kleidung Hemden Socken Nähzubehör Home N3S2EUR 1.
00+ sold Description --> Describe: 100% brand new high quality Name: Sewing Needles Material: Stainless Steel Color: Random Size: Gold tail 12 pieces (length 4.
0cm 4 pieces length 3.
8cm 4 pieces 3.
6cm 4 pieces needle thickness 0.
7mm or so) Side wear 6 pieces (1.
05*67mm (2 pieces), 0.
9*58mm (2 pieces), 0.
75*50mm (2 pieces)) The gold tail hole is 12 pieces (length 4.
2cm (4 pieces), 3.
8cm (4 pieces), 3.
6cm (4 pieces).
The needle is about 0.
5mm thick.
) Lengthened silver tail 12 pieces (length 5.
0cm (4 pieces), 4.
3cm (4 pieces), length 3.
8cm (4 pieces).
The needle is about 0.
75mm thick.
) Package Included: 12/6pcs/set hello, guys, thank you for visiting my store.
if you want buy more than we listed, please contact us.
we will be ready to reply you ASAP.

12PCS     Sewing     Needles     Large     Eye     Self-Threading     Embroidery     Needle     Sewing     Hand     U4A4     

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