1Pc Einstellbarer Emitter Dripper Micro Drip Bewässerungssystem R9M2 A4A5

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Description --> description: 100% high quality material: plastic Color: same as picture Features: The channel can be adjusted 360 degrees: 8 water spray holes, which can adjust the water flow and also cut off the water flow.
Connection method: 1/4 inch barbed wire connection, 1/4 'hose, suitable for 4mm / 7mm pipe (inner diameter / outer diameter).
Effective use of water: it can be kept constant during long-term setting or pressure fluctuations, and the irrigation is even.
The slow watering speed can make the soil more fully absorb the water of plant roots.
Opening them completely completely will cover a circle of 10 to 12 inches.
The rotation of the plug allows the flow rate and the diameter of the throw to be adjusted through the ratchet mechanism on the cover and the notch on the base to completely close.
Widely used: very suitable for watering potted plants, agriculture, lawn, garden drip irrigation.
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1Pc     Einstellbarer     Emitter     Dripper     Micro     Drip     Bewässerungssystem     R9M2     A4A5     

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