7Pcs Dripper Pflanze Bewässerung Garten Tee Joint Schlauch Timer W6Z2 Micro B1I4


Sprühdüse Düse Sprinkler Kopf Nebeldüse Messing für Garten Bewässerungsyste K5Z6EUR 2.
39652+ sold4 / 7mm Schlauch Wasser Sprinklerrohr Rohr Garten Bewässerung Sprinkler M2B0EUR 2.
781+ sold7Pcs Dripper Pflanze Bewässerung Garten Tee Joint Schlauch Timer W6Z2 Micro B1I4EUR 1.
00+ soldMessing 5/8 "Messing Gartenschlauch Reparatur Mender Kit weiblich männlich K1B3EUR 3.
390+ sold8L Bewässerungsdruckkompensierender End- / Online-Tropfer nehmen P9Y8EUR 1.
00+ soldPipe Hose Pc Dripper Pressure Compensating Emitter Flow Drip H0E Irrigation J0I9EUR 1.
00+ sold100X Irrigation Support Stakes Set For 1/4" Tubing Hose Micro for·Dripper D2V7EUR 1.
490+ sold1/5/10 Micro Garden Irrigation Adjustable Dripper/Sprinkler Stake 360° on S5J8EUR 1.
190+ sold100Plastic Fixed Stem DIY Drip Irrigation System 4/7mm Hose Garden Watering H8Q0EUR 4.
160+ soldIntelligente Gießkanne Bewässerungsmaschinen-Kit 2Modi 2/4/8head type Z4C2EUR 9.
670+ soldGarden Irrigation Device Venturi Fertilizer Injector Tools Water New Tube R0D3EUR 7.
290+ sold50X Bewässerung Sprinkler Emitter Micro Flow Dripper K4U5 G Sprinkler C9I0EUR 2.
390+ sold Description --> description: Colour: Black material: plastic Size: 3.
5 * 2 cm Please allow for a slight difference due to manual measurements.
100% new high quality Suitable for 4mm / 7mm (inside/outer diameter) tubes.
Ideal for plant irrigation systems.
Note: Due to lighting, settings, the pixels in different computers are different.
The actual product may be a bit different from the picture.
Please understand that! Thank you for your support!Welcome to buy from us!any problem about the goods detail please do not hesitate contact us.
we will be ready to reply you ASAP.

7Pcs     Dripper     Pflanze     Bewässerung     Garten     Tee     Joint     Schlauch     Timer     W6Z2     Micro     B1I4     

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