Breathable Treatment Quick-drying Foot Powder Odor Feet Remover Care R7P7


Description --> Type:Foot Bath Powder Use: Foot Net Weight: 3.
5 g/bag Apply For:Applicable to all types of beriberi, athlete's foot, foot odor, sweaty feet, eczema, bad feet, peeling, tinea manuum, tinea corporis, skin thickening, blisters, swelling, etc.
Using Method: Methods 1.
Scatter this product evenly on the insoles, one pack each time, once a week, naturally dissolved inside the shoe, not dyeing, oral is prohibited.
Methods 2.
Available boiling water foot bath, Every time 3 bag, 3 days one time, soak for 15 minutes Every time, and air dry.
Methods 3.
Take half a bag into the bowl, add boiling water 300ml to dilute, put clean socks insoles into the bowl for 5 minutes, take out to airing, will have a long time deodorant effect.
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Breathable     Treatment     Quick-drying     Foot     Powder     Odor     Feet     Remover     Care     R7P7     

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