DOG TRAVEL BAG Puppy Sling Carrier Pet Shoulder Pouch Tote Cat Backpack D5F7


Description --> feature: Soft carrier for cats and small dogs Made of ripstop canvas material to prevent sharp nails from passing through Strap straps for easy carrying and keep your pet close to your body Can also be used as a trimming bag for trimming nails, bath time or administration The opening of the pet's head is adjustable, the front paw has 2 openings and can be closed with a Velcro Let your cat or puppy see the environment around him, which will help to relax Top strap can be attached to the seat belt Machine washable Size: 58*48cm Can be used for pets up to 10kg A

DOG     TRAVEL     BAG     Puppy     Sling     Carrier     Pet     Shoulder     Pouch     Tote     Cat     Backpack     D5F7     

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