¼ "Tropfbewässerungs-Poly-Tubing-Tee-Kühlsystem-Kit Mit Widerhaken X7R7 G8G7

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Description --> description: 100% high quality Helps turn 1/4 "microtube around sharp corners Cut the game fee by half! Barbed drip irrigation fittings can be used to install all brands of 1/4 "microtubes, 1/4" drip tubes and 1/4 "suction hoses.
The joints are pushed into the inside of the pipe to achieve a very tight connection.
They can be used for Two-way or three-way arrangement of different pipes.
Fittings can also be used to connect microtubes to 1/2 "or 3/4" drip pipes.
They are made of high-impact plastic and have the largest inner diameter in the industry, with more High flow capacity and lower head loss.
With a sharp barb design, it can be safely and tightly installed without glue or clamps, suitable for all brands of 1/4 "micro tube, 1/4" drip tube and 1 / 4 "immersion tube, its .
140 ID to .
170 ID ID piece structure is made of high-strength, high-strength, UV-resistant plastic, durable, long service life, large inner diameter, maximum flow rate Product specifications Working pressure: up to 30 PSI : Black is used with 1/4 inch micro tube, 1/4 "drip line and 1/4" soaking hose Material: Acetal Packing: 1pc Thank you for your attention, any problem about the goods detail please do not hesitate contact us.
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¼     "Tropfbewässerungs-Poly-Tubing-Tee-Kühlsystem-Kit     Mit     Widerhaken     X7R7     G8G7     

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